Notice to the Public


Notice: Queen Elizabeth Park Field House has been allotted for the purpose of Studio Residencies in Parks for Artists. By the Arts, Culture and Environment department, Vancouver Park Board.

Artist Spaces in Parks – for community engaged practices

These projects align with Park Board’s Strategic Priorities regarding ‘Greening’, ‘Engaging People’ and ‘Resource Management’ and responds to recent motions in support of the creative management and repurposing of both green waste and surplus spaces. This residency program that provides studio for artists in exchange for community arts based engagement from Oct. 2012 to Jan. 2015. These spaces are currently located at MacLean, Elm, Falaise, Hadden, Strathcona, Memorial South, Aberthau/West Point Grey, Moberly, Slocan, Queen Elizabeth Park and Burrard Marina. For more information regarding these residencies please visit:

or call 311 for more information.